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Beaphar Epithol 25gr
  • Beaphar Epithol 25gr

Beaphar Epithol 25gr


Antiparasitic ointment for birds


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Beaphar Epithol 25gr

Beaphar Epithol 25gr



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Epithol - en Wondzalf is a disinfectant and antiparasitic ointment for birds used to disinfect skin wounds while protecting against mites that cause hyperkeratosis otherwise gout of the feet and beak in birds.
Epitholium and salve for birds is for the treatment of superficial injuries and parietal scabies (Scaly Face). It disinfects and promotes healing. Also lime feet can be treated with this ointment.
Ingredients: Triclosan, Cod liver oil, Vaseline
Instructions for use: Cut the wings around the injured area. Clean the wound with lukewarm water. Massage with clean hands with ointment. Injuries: a few times a day until wound is healed.

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