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Canvit Multi Cat 100gr
  • Canvit Multi Cat 100gr

Canvit Multi Cat 100gr


Multivitamin for adult cats


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Canvit Multi Cat 100gr

Canvit Multi Cat 100gr



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Complex of 13 vitamins and taurine for cats that actively supports health, metabolism, immunity, and stress resistance.

Vitamins play an important role in all of the body’s metabolic processes. They are essential to digestion and the absorption and conversion of nutrients in bodily tissues and also support immune system and detoxification processes. The body requires increased intake of vitamins during growth, illness, convalescence, pregnancy, nursing, and in old age. The ability of cats to resist stress and overcome stressful situations is especially dependent on an adequate intake of vitamins. The amino acid taurine is essential to the proper development and function of the heart, blood vessels, and eyes.

- Lecithin for brain function support.

- 13 essential vitamins for overall health.

One tablet contains: Vitamins: vitamin A 1 000 IU, vitamin D3 10 IU, vitamin E 6 000 µg, vitamin K 100 µg, vitamin B1 300 µg, vitamin B2 300 µg, vitamin B6 200 µg, vitamin B12 5 µg, vitamin C 3 000 µg, biotin 250 µg, niacinamide 1 000 µg, calcium pantothenate 1 000 µg, folic acid 25 µg. Amino acids: taurine 10 mg

Indications: Promotes proper growth in kittens and growing cats. Supports pregnant and nursing females. Boosts immunity in times of illness and convalescence. Supports resistance to stress and helps cats overcome stressful situations

Instructions: Feed tablets directly from the hand or crushed in food.

Recommended daily dose: 1 tbl per 2 kg body weight

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